As obvious as a skull

A commissioned design I finished last Wednesday for Flox of Cut Collective. The commission came about after I exhibited the heart shaped hole at their pop up gallery. I used Damien Hirsts crystal skull as a model for proportions. It is unsure whether the design will be printed with the eye sockets and nasal cavities filled in or as is.

Cut Collective opened their Fourth annual ‘Public Access’, exhibition on Friday at Aucklands ‘NEW’ gallery.

It’s all go at the NEW gallery at the moment with local  and International artists arriving and working around the clock in preparation for Aucklands Triennial.

‘Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon’ (as the event is titled) is putting us on the global map as far as the artistic community is concerned. The exhibition which opens March 12th is receiving enthusiatic reviews in anticipation from Art Forum.

Meanwhile redevelopments of central Auckland including the revamp of the old gallery have Auckland ranked 20 in Monocle magazines ‘Top of the World’,  feature 2009. Read the online comment here.. it’s pretty funny but it’s all love.

(‘As Obvious as a Skull’, was the title for a Jim Houser exhibition that I always appreciated)

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