Method and Manners

Method and Manners Co. Ltd, is a shared studio space established by Alexander Hoyles, Christopher Washer, Leah Forsyth and I late last year. I have been meaning to post about the space for sometime as it has become essential to my work. This is the first studio I have ever had outside of my bedroom as I never completed a visual arts qualification. The studios are situated on Upper Queen St and back on to the Grafton cemetary. We are the first people to lease the space in 30 years or so and we do so with great pleasure from the Bonds. The Bonds operate a family electrical business together father and son. I first came across them looking for someone in the city capable of fixing a portable 50’s HMV recordplayer. The second floor which ten of us now occupy as studios had been their offices for callouts but with modern technology that usage is redundant. Hooray for us! My older sister Anna wrote up about it in greater detail for the Depot artspace recently which you can read here... We are currently looking for two more creatives to join the space and might be looking for a curator later on in the year so stay tuned!


About Erin Forsyth

Drawing pictures. Taking care of business. Creative thought and application.

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