Strut- a new video work being displayed at the Viewfinder gallery

‘Strut’ (2010) by Erin Forsyth

I started filming the different segments which have been compiled and edited to create ‘Strut’ in the summer of 2008 in Melbourne.

At the time the progression from snapshot photography to film seemed both logical and natural as a means to document the lifestyle of the different peer and social groups that I’m involved with.

A relatively simple editing process was utilized, reducing large amounts of footage taken over almost three years, into five minutes using the original chronological order.

The culminitive effect of this process may perhaps provide the audience with an intimate, if not a little abstract and anticlimactic, documentarian snapshot of a particular lifestyle.

But what resonates for me personally in this film, is its diaristic nature, and how it is introspective in the selection of subject and non- objective in terms of social commentary.

Socially it provides not only an intimate snapshot portrayal of my friends but of our relationship to each other through the lens. A relationship ever increasing with the availability of various technologies and our increasing dependence onsocial networking websites as a means of communicating and incubating our ideas about ourselves and one another.

Introspectively the application of aestheticism to both my social and solitary life reveals a penchant for a hedonistic morality. As documentor my responsibility for the application of this footage is dual as both the voyeur and the subject.

To offer my honest and most base surmises Strut is an unapologetic self-indulgent autobiography with a cast of my most terrible and close loved friends.

The Film Archive’s moving image presentation at Auckland Central Library

window frontage, Lorne Street. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.




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