Dirty 13 at The Basement

Dirty 13 opened on Wednesday at The Basement theatre in Auckland as part of Basement Fest. I was lucky enough to exhibit alongside 12 other super talented artists and also lucky enough to take up about 7 metres of wall space floor to ceiling with a crazy selection of drawings paintings and other ephemera I’ve been producing. If you didn’t get a chance to make it down for the opening you really missed out! Four of Auckland’s most musically talented performed as a quartet of sorts; Tourettes, Saan Barrett (Vietnam War), Mathew Crawley (The Cosbys/man about town) and a violinist from the Auckland Philharmonic. The exhibition itself however is open daily from 2pm until October the 22nd, so if you’re wondering through the city you should get off the fan trail and go be nosy. Here’s a few pics from my install and one of the many new works I have installed as my contribution.

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?, 2011, Oil on board, 30x30cm approx


About Erin Forsyth

Drawing pictures. Taking care of business. Creative thought and application.

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