‘I got the rockin pneumonia’

Phew! I finally have a chance this morning to upload some photos of the amazing Graffiato event which was a few weekends ago. Graffiato is an outdoor ‘public’ permanent exhibition, curated by Ross Liew of Cut Collective. The Taupo council and the bi-annual event ‘Erupt’ invited Ross to co-ordinate this incredible programme. 16 artists from all over the country descended on Taupo painted solidly for three days (some longer) and went home buzzing.

Below: The drive down was even fun. We hired a mini-van for the trip from Auckland to Wellington. Stopped at …Mitre 10 Mega and bought their entire stock of respirators and a giant tennis ball. Werks left his iPhone at a Subway store on the way done and would you believe, they gave it back three days later! The girls said ‘why would we steal it? everything is in Russian!’, good times…

Below: Painting the Turangi Underpass day one

My Robert Crumb-esque character in the underpass: Listen to Wu-tang!

Day one we all arrived after a long drive and met, many of us for the first time, at the Turangi underpass, just out of central Taupo and painted till we were exhausted and confused, then we went back to the beautiful retreat we were staying at for pizza and beer.

Below: Relaxing back at the retreat. Werks is still drawing…

I managed about two beers and had to go to sleep like a nanna. Which is a good thing as I woke up super early the next day and got to have coff and breakfast before I started. It was also a good thing as there was a mad rush on spraycan allocation around 9am in the park…

Below: A beautiful morning

Below: Working on it

Below: Jordan painted on the first day at one of the workshops and on the second day she painted with me! This was her first wall. Pretty damn epic if you ask me. It was cool to help out young female writer, especially when they have such a natural flow. We’re a rare breed.

Below: BMD made us all look lazy, they painted the side of a movie theatre! To get the job done they stayed on the job until 4am and came back at around 7am. This is a great wall and the giant fish hides all sorts of crazy crap in the fill-in

Below: Some much needed downtime. We went and soaked in the natural thermal water and drank Coronas just after this. Tough life…

Below: Time to go home

It was a truly monumental weekend. The public reception was so positive and the council were forward thinking, innovative and supportive in their conception and planning. Thanks Graffiato. Thanks Taupo!

There were allot of walls and my trusty Ricoh died on this trip after one too many falls from the mini van but you can see more images here…


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