Canberra Part One: Sketches in the burbs

I arrived in Canberra around midday AUS time on Thursday after 7 hours in transit. It’s green, sunny and peaceful. I’m over here painting a bar called ‘La Di Da’ which is scheduled to open next weekend in Belconnen. It is an extension of a bar called HaHa . Located upstairs from the original bar it has a wrap around balcony overlooking lake Ginninderra. I am being hosted by one of the young proprietors who set up bar HaHa three years ago, Mr Aaron Ridley. The two of us have been in contact for some years without ever meeting. He used to import aerosol paint and he was one of the sponsors for my first exhibition in Australia (back in 2006) at the Somedays gallery in Surry Hills, SYD.

It’s a 6x2m wall I am responsible for and I’ve got till Monday midday when I leave again to get the job done. So straight after his post I am going to get hustling. It was a slow start; got my sketches done on Thursday night, colour swatches Friday morning and finally got my outline and started the background last night. Went walk abouts in the sunshine while the bar had its official inspection for liscencing and got some flicks. Will try and get some photos of the city proper this morning.

Couldn’t resist visiting the Salvos. There was this amazing toy there which I might just have to go and get today. Didn’t notice it was Matchbox till this very second!

Portraits of suburbia. I was feeling the excer-cycle and the flag. 

Flet just like Rene Vaile when I took this shot 😉

Canberra is definitely the greenest city in Australia I have visited so far. It was built for the purpose of a capital city in much the same way as Brazilia was built in Brazil. When considering the layout for the city they decided to deliberately include allot of ‘green spaces’. These divide up the five main centres of Canberra and also wind their way through the residential areas. Not a shoddy idea although for those without motor power getting around this sprawling city can be  difficult, so many stay in their own little section, particularly the youth.

There a few solar panels around which apparently represent a controversy throughout Australia which I was not aware of. The government subsidises the purchase and installation of solar panels and once they are set up the owners receive payment as the power they produce is fed into the power grid. However this means that less power is being consumed and as a result electricity providers have increased their prices. So the people who cannot afford to install solar power pay the rebate to the people who can and now have to pay an increased amount for their own power supply. CONTROVERSY

Take what you will from that. I’m off for coffee and off to work!


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