Canberra Part Two: Making Progress

This is where I left off late last night. I’ve had the fabulous challenge that often comes with using acrylic of painting at least two but sometimes up to four coats over each section to get a nice solid consistency. It’s coming together nicely. Which is good as I only have today for completion!
Below are a few more flicks that illustrate the progress made on completing the mural yesterday.

Here you can see my lovely assistant/host Aaron helping me out big time by filling in part of the design. Thanks Aaron!

Geometric cube background complete: Tick

The wall at the start of the day. All masked up with not allot going on.

Sheesh, better make this last day count!


About Erin Forsyth

Drawing pictures. Taking care of business. Creative thought and application.


  1. Nice. Look forward to seeing it finished!

  2. Erin Forsyth

    Thanks sis X

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