Canberra Part Three: Finished product

A late start meant a late night but I got the job done…phew!

I’ve nick-named the wall Snakebite or Guacamole Snake. 

Had some weird thoughts when I was finishing up in the wee hours of this morning like ‘a line is just a line, I have drawn so many, perhaps they are all an extension of the same line that I have been drawing my whole life’ and ‘figurative drawing and painting is all about anatomy. The anatomy of the thing you are representing. The anatomy of the materials you are using. How you use your anatomy to produce the work’.

Here are some pics:

I was pretty pleased with it all particularly with the girl with the snakes and the crazy cat, actually all of it haha. Post taking these photos added in a little La Di Da in the La Di Da cholo style font in the puddle that the snake is spewing out…

Thanks La Di Da bar and Canberra. Good times!

I’m going to sit in the sun, drink a cider and wait for my taxi to begin the 7 hour transit back to the green green grass of home.

A sneaky update: People at bar La Di Da open!!!


About Erin Forsyth

Drawing pictures. Taking care of business. Creative thought and application.


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  2. Erin Forsyth

    Thanks Cleo
    and thanks Record Preserve Share 😉

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