The Sustainable Business Network…

I have been meaning to post images of this work for some time. This was a three panel painting i completed for display at the annual Sustainable Business award ceremony and showcase which took place at Shed 10 on the water front.
The work was commissioned to represent Meridian energy at the showcase and the paint was supplied by Resene with the exception of a clear gel medium which I used to produce different levels of opacity and texture…<a href=””&gt; My accompanying artist statement:
“I began contemplating the archetype of the New Zealand landscape when I was in the conceptual stages of this work. The rolling plains sparsely populated with native plants, an endearing image of the lush pastoral grounds we are lucky to have here and how they are both indicative of potential and also the existing richness of our natural resources.
In this instance I have placed the wind turbines angled into the wind like the plants that populate the landscape hoping to indicate the potential of the iconic New Zealand landscape to be sustained moving forward.
Growing up as an artist in New Zealand the imagery of Stanley Palmer, Colin McCahon and Bill Hammond is deeply embedded in my aesthetic relationship to the landscape and I have tried to pay homage to that in this work.”


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  1. OH I absolutely love these images..

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