Uncle Denim take 2

It is the end of the golden weather here in AKL and to be honest it has been more of a golden grey at best this summer. One of the projects I’ve been working on is painting my buddy Denim’s bike. One of Denim’s projects has been fixing said bike and another Timmy’s Wolseley. Barber Dan’s big project is being Barber Dan. Denim lives in a myterious warehouse somewhere in the bowels of Grey Lynn where many of these shinnanigans take place.Above: Dan cutting Alex’s (AKA DJ the Fang) hair

It’s been a rag tag sort of a summer but it’s been fun…

“Love is like candy on a shelf” –Wayne Anderson

Like the good man Tom waits said ‘you get to thinking, I only got thirty summers left’…or something like that…


About Erin Forsyth

Drawing pictures. Taking care of business. Creative thought and application.

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