Bin Bin Deluxe: Part One

So! The last week has been hectic. Along with artists Spencer Harrington and Michael Kennedy I have been installing a 3-D mural at ‘Bin Bin Deluxe’ on Takapuna’s busy Hurstmere Rd. The bar itself has been known as the Sinbin for the past ten years or so but like many places in the area it’s under going a major transformation.Interior designer Rachael Lovelace has been overseeing the project you can see more of her amazing work here.

My good friend and curator of Inhouse creative projects Joanna Galvin was kind enough to transport me and my crazy works to the site and loan me her canon for the first two days of install. Like you should know by now, I’m a pretty amateur photographer but here you go!

For starter’s the three of us selected some objects to paint that could be included in the installation. We laid them all out and tried to figure out where they might go but eventually decided to just get on to the wall. Here are a few of the things I painted…

Here are a few install shots too…
Meanwhile artist Robin Gibson was working on her own brief…

I got to paint some classic disney/KAWs style hands on spaghetti arms…

and this guy…that’s a coconut and a straw and umbrella on his nose btw, some reason everyone thinks it’s a pipe and he’s blazed…?!!

…and this guy! Who I’m going to draw up proper for a the-shirt design.

OK more photos of the finished install to follow. Hopefully in focus!

Bin Bin Deluxe opens tonight 138 Hurstmere Rd.


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