Pre Post BLANK Post Pre

For those of you who did not attend the opening of BLANK last Friday you missed out on a doozy. Whether you did or not you may not have had the opportunity to see the masterful construction that was this cardboard castle of grey (obvious as a) skull. Kate Barnett and I (OK well Matt Malloy helped out a bit too) spent a good time and a good amount of time putting it together although it was purpose built to be ripped apart. Rory and Alex from The Raw Nerves opened their set by kicking it down into a packed audience and almost took the PA out with it. One of the lovely INHOUSE interns had to hold onto the speaker set for fear of destruction. The band then had to watch themselves as people threatened to kick them while swinging from a rope and threw the boxes back at them. Impressively they played a full set despite the chaos. Yep. I kept thinking of the titty twister bar from Dusk till Dawn. Pics from the calm before the…


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