Yesterday I took down the work from my seventh solo exhibition ‘EYESORE’.
EYESORE is an ongoing series of illustrative works, a one off pop-up gallery exhibition, a city wide installation that has featured rotated poster prints of the works displayed in select local businesses and a web-project (the web-project is here: http://eyesoreon.tumblr.com/).

EYESORE is in many ways an experiment in traditional and non-traditional exhibition practices as a visual artist and some sweet pictures.

“The works in production are like stickers; they are lurid, heavy, candid, archetypal, graphic illustrations after the style of 80’s skate designs and psychedelic rock posters.
These works are a tribute to the imagery of alternative culture, the visual language of the underdogs and outsiders, gateway imagery, the rad shit”

I have uploaded the full series into the gallery section on WordPress which you can see here https://erinforsyth.wordpress.com/gallery/eyesore-series-one-parental-guidance-recommended/ be warned it’s graphic…



About Erin Forsyth

Drawing pictures. Taking care of business. Creative thought and application.


  1. lukeanastassiouhedley

    love my mutant pizza print!!

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