Sum of the Parts

Well I don’t know if I have ever mentioned having a day job on here but it just so happens that I do and this week it is definitely worth a mention! In addition to running the studios/drawing pictures I work at The Depot, which is a community art centre in Devonport. I have been working here for the past year developing something called The Cultural Mapping Project and this Saturday (August 11) The Cultural Mapping Project exhibition – Sum of the Parts is opening. The exhibition is an introduction to this ongoing project and features over 65 participants. Because of the response to the project from individuals and organisations that want to get involved three venues in Devonport have been organised to hold the exhibition and if I’d had more time I would have made it more!

To summarise the project it is a community informed exploration of Aotearoa New Zealand’s cultural identity. It works by asking individuals or groups to identify people places events or things that are culturally significant to them, then in most instances, asking them to represent that creatively. This exhibition is made up of many of those creative representations. Have a look through the image gallery below to find out more about the project and exhibition, or you can listen to an interview with Alex Taylor and I about the exhibition from National Radio’s Arts on Sunday programme by following this link…


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