Black & White and All Inbetween

Just dropped my artwork in the post for this exhibition today (Indian ink and pigment liner on paper) with fingers crossed it makes the deadline for delivery.

The exhibition opens at Ambush Gallery in Sydney on the 31st of Aug read on to find out more…

Here’s a couple of process shots along with the finished product.

It’s an all star line up with many hailing from a graffiti background. Artist’s include: Dr Dboe (the master mind behind the exhibition), Ben Frost, Bridge, Deb, Roach, Ken Taylor, Bennett, Pudl, Jodee Knowles, Roter, Swaze, Tarns, Jessie Brockis, Water, James Jirat, Teazer, Days, Will Lynes, Lister, Mark Drew, Phil James, Does, Nash, Paris, Hek Ups, Luca Ionescu, Askew, Dvate, Zues, Opium, Numskull, Kid Zoom, Jorz, Phew, Josh Roelink, Beastman, Sam Silverstone, Daniel Farrel, Cam Scale, Insa, Peque, Sekt, Aldous
Black & White All In Between is a b&w ink illustration group show involving 60 – 65 local, national and international artists ranging from graffiti, street, fine art and illustration…
The concept behind the show is to have high quality works by known artists for reasonable prices for punters and for the artists participating creatively step up and out of the square by producing quality works in black ink. It will also give punters a chance to see artist’s art works in a raw form.” -Dr Dboe speaks!!!


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