NZ to Mexico – el Jimador Tequila late night studio paint off

A few months ago my good friend Kate Barnett and I were asked to paint and decorate bottles of el Jimador tequila for a party at Rakinos. The bottles were then requested by el Jimador and they now live at their HQ (which I think is somewhere in Mexico?).

On top of being a really fun project we also got to keep a bottle of tequila for every bottle we painted. While Kate and I were mid drawing session on a Saturday night some friends dropped into the studios to socialise and it turned into a painting/drawing/drinking session. Productive but only half remembered…



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  1. Yeeeha! Looks tequilalishious! Pocket tearing goodness indeed!

  2. Erin Forsyth

    So, funny story. Went to Guy Brock’s opening at Arcdae last night (sponsored by el Jimador) and whaddidIsee? All the bottle sitting pretty in AKL after all. Sheesh! Maybe they went and came back?

  3. Hey, this is really cool. If you guys do something like this again, or ever plan to offer them for sale, let us know. I’m sure people might be interested in these. Salud.

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