Epic Saturday

Ooh yeah. This Saturday is going to be massive!

I just got back from judging the winners of the Tiger Translate competition which will be announced at the Tiger Translate party and exhibition at The Studio on Karangahape Rd and am so excited about making the announcement. Nick D Matt Crawley and I just spent a considerable amount of time listening to the top 10 audio entries and considering the top 10 visual art entries. We also paid consideration to the other entries that had been in the top ten while the public voting was still open and selected a wild card entry for both categories. The winner gets a double ticket to the Tiger Translate event in Dubai all expenses paid!!! Sheesh.


(took this pic on Instagram you can follow me there @eyesoreerin)

Auckland has some really quality artists working in a variety of mediums and it’s nice to see allot how audio and visual artists are being showcased at events such as these.

Another amazing event happening this Saturday is ‘The Big Little Gig and Art Show at Home Gallery’. It is actually at my friend Sarah Bing (AKA Snuffy Grimes) ‘s house hence the ‘Home’ gallery. But it’s going to be a house party with a difference.

This event features music by SURF FRIENDS, JOCEE TUCK, SHADOWFEET. Also a set/playlist creation made by Lewis Prince to follow the bands as the night turns to a party.

And artwork by Ruby Watson, Sarah Bing, Dave Duffin, Ellen Sorensen, Will Wharakura, Sonny Maxwell, Becky Peters, Rose Rowan and Benji Dalton.

I’ve been working on this piece for the exhibition which I am really excited about. Here are a couple of process shots and details.

This work is also being reproduced for another exhibition coming up but more on that soon. Enjoy! x


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