‘Lonely Lizzie’ cartoon (animation?) for ‘Darklight’

Wow! I have been trapped in an Instagram hole (follow me! @eyesoreerin) and hideously neglecting my faithful WordPress!
I’ll cut straight to this week.
This Thursday (Valentines Day!!) is the launch of Darklight which takes place on MacKelvie St (just off Ponsonby Rd opposite the old Mini car site). Darklight involves the animation of selected artists works applied to and with consideration of various architectural spaces. This is the second edition of Darklight which coincides with and takes it theme from the Auckland Pride festival. I am really excited about seeing my work ‘real big’.
Here’s a sneak preview of the comic/cartoon ‘Lonely Lizzie’, which I created specifically for the project. More after the launch…including a short vid!
I did a lil’ interview on Base Fm this morning and will be doing another on George Fm on Thursday at 9am.
More details below:SLAP_DARKLIGHT2_02-07


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