For maximum enjoyment watch with your favourite frenzied music played loud.

Hysteria (noun)
1. Exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement
2. Def Leppard’s 1987 hit album

Hysteria continues Erin’s ongoing performance based exploitation of the artists projected persona/alter-ego.

Shot at the artist’s Grafton residence (AKA Grafton Manor), the cast is made up of other residents. It is of note
that each of the cast is an artist in their own right, whose personal involvement in the music and art industries is
heavily reliant on their projected (or public) persona. Rory Treadaway (bedroom one) is the lead singer and guitarist
for punk/rock band The Raw Nerves, Joseph Silva (bedroom two) is the lead singer of punk/rock band PCP Eagles,
Aimee Renata (bedroom 3) is an actor and lead singer of country/blues band Dusk Town and Tim D. (kitchen)
is a photographer and film-maker that works primarily with local Hip-Hop acts. By amplifying household activities,
the artist creates a parody of the domestic voyeurism rampant in this time of smart phones, Facebook and exaggerated
reality.Aesthetically, the film is a throw-back to pre-social media self styled 90’s music video (completely shot on a
mini DV camera with a fish-eye lense).

Hysteria presents the average daily lows of flatting in Auckland and common neurosis of the archetypal creative,
with high energy and good humour.

HYSTERIA screening at Viewfinder, Auckland central library an initiative of the New Zealand Film Archive. Showing: 18 April – 8 May


About Erin Forsyth

Drawing pictures. Taking care of business. Creative thought and application.

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