Preparing all new EYESORE BITES for ALL FRESCO – Street Art Festival next week…


All Fresco is happening next week! Along with some of New Zealand’s top street artists (see flyer below for details) I’ll be painting up a cloud just off K’Rd. Aaaaaand there will be an exhibition of our works off walls at Method and Manners studios.

I’m creating all new EYESORE BITES mini works that fit into the EYESORE project which I’m really excited about. I’ve even sawed and nailed together 21 painting props especially for it. I’m doing some stickers, making some packaging and crossing my fingers..I’ll be posting them up slowly so keep an eye out 😉

All Fresco is also part of B Street and First Thursdays which are both happening next Thursday across K’Rd. B Street is Bfm’s annual event which marks the start of New Zealand music month with heaps of great local bands playing at different venues in one local area (K Rd business district), All Fresco is the earliest event on the B Street programme…AND First Thursdays is a creative/social/entertainment happening that takes place at another 70 or something different venues. SO yeah…It’s GON BE HECTIC!





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