The Dirt Bags

The Dirt Bags are a great Auckland band, bfm Dj’s, Dj’s, music promoters and good friends.

I’ve been doing a little work for them on some poster designs the latest of which is for ‘The Dirt Bag Hideout’. A new weekly Wednesday night feature in the Auckland social calendar every Wednesday at the Kings Arms. The Hideout boasts:

“the best Garage, Punk, Goth, Metal and brutal shit there is, thanks to the true party masters, Rapley & Sam from Dirtbag Radio and special hand-picked guest DJs.

 With lounge area, $6 ciders, 3 Heinekens for $20, great tunes.”


Check out the Facebook event page.

I also have a  limited number of A2, signed, colour poster prints available of the main graphic for the first two designs (image below). If you’re keen on one they’re only $20 NZD plus shipping. Email me eyesoreyousore/at/gmail/dot/comDirt Bags Col A2 web



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