Everybody Has a Spirit Animal

There’s a very special exhibition taking place at a very special venue. On Queen’s Wharf in Auckland there’s a little shipping container with big things happening. The container, nicknamed the ‘Digibox’ is home to an exhibition titled Everybody Has a Spirit Animal and I was lucky to be asked by the fabulous curator Cleo Barnett to contribute. There’s a MASSIVE line up of artists from all over the world and some of New Zealand’s finest.

One of the special features of the Digibox is the equipment it is geared up with. I’m making use of one of the flatscreen monitors to display this animation which I created from two original paintings…


It makes me so happy to see them sliding around. I chose the snake because of some weird incidents that happened to me on psychedelics as a troubled youth but might keep that story offline!

final print

photo (13)

You can find prints of the work for sale by all artists here… for just $45NZD!!!


BMD // New Zealand
Brian Britigan // United States
Cinzah Seek // New Zealand
Drew Funk // Australia, Malaysia
Ego // United States
Elliot Francis Stewart // New Zealand
Enforce One // Dubai, New Zealand, Malaysia
Erin Forsyth // New Zealand
Gina Kiel // New Zealand
Haser // New Zealand
John Pusateri // New Zealand
Laura Hines // United States
Mica Still // New Zealand, United States
Misha WERT159 // Russia, New Zealand
Nigel Roberts // New Zealand
Sam Yong // Australia, New Zealand
Sheryo // Singapore, United States
Tim D // New Zealand
The Yok // Australia, United States
Xoe Hall // New Zealand


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