Born and raised in Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand Erin Forsyth is a believer in creative thought and creative application. Renowned for her illustration and creative entrepreneurial flair Erin has actively contributed to the arts since the 90’s as artist, shop owner, studio director, arts editor, curator and exhibition and event coordinator.

Each of these creative applications are rhizomatically inter-connected as one wide reaching practice, key to Erin’s approach:

“I am interested in archetypal images as a means of communication – creating images or scenarios which may seem familiar but in fact are new – the form they may take and their perception/impact.

Through my work in illustration, painting, film and publication I explore the vitals of visual communication with consideration of how information is imparted and even inherent to an audiences perception through aesthetic association.

Imagery that acts as a ‘gateway’ to a culture or sub-culture and the minimum, maximum or exclusion of aesthetic detail used to create ‘new’ archetypal imagery, is especially important to my work.

I make a lot of images for other people but aspire to create images, like portals, transporting the viewer (and myself in the process) to a subconscious terrain.”

Artist CV

Select Clients:

Jimmy D, Workshop Clothing, Jane Sutherland, Damaged Goods Magazine, Converse, Red Bull, Tiger Beer, Zora Boyd Bell Jewelry, Depot Artspace, Artweek Auckland, The Royal Society New Zealand, Meridian Energy, 1:12 records, Sound Recordings, The Raw Nerves, 95bFM, Insight clothing, The Periodic Journal, Holy Serpent, The Admiral, Empire Skate, The New Order Magazine, Auckland City Council


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