One Month Stand

‘One Month Stand’ was the first exhibition to take place at Auckland’project based gallery ‘Liberty Gallery‘.

About the space: “In 1979 the Liberty Stage sprung up in inner-city Auckland in response to a firmly ensconsed Punk Rock scene. By the early 80’s the venue was host to some of New Zealand’s musical icons; The Clean, Don McGlashen’s Blam Blam Blam, and The Screaming Mee-Mees.

Nearly thirty years later Liberty Stage reopen(ed) its doors as Liberty Gallery, a curatorial project by Jo Galvin and Leah Forsyth of Cross St Studios.

Galvin and Forsyth endeavour(ed) to provide a New Zealand based platform for newly established local nad international Lo-Fi artists”

Liberty eventually moved offsite and Jo and Leah are now both involved in their own independent creative endeavours.

You can read about the old punk scene here, view Jo galvin’s work here or visit Leah’s blog here.

Press release: “In 2006 Erin Forsyth, (former proprietor of sneaker/aerosol concept store Creep) set off to Sydney, where she produced two successful solo exhibitions; Illness at Somedays Gallery in 2007, and Hex at Black and Blue Gallery in March of this year.

Her illustrations featured in Illness drew comparisons with the work of famed graffiti artist/illustrator and tattooist Mike Giant. Hex was featured in Australia’s Yen magazine and selected as ‘pick of the week’ by local publication The Brag in which Erin was also referred to as part of “the cream of the Sydney underground art scene”.

Solo projects aside, Erin readily contributed to community and group exhibitions most notably with the prestigious Monster ChildrenGallery and the 2008 Design is Kinky Exhibition, Kids Today hosted by MTV Gallery.

Various commissions followed which included an A2 poster for Australian publication Don’t Panic, illustrations for the cult classic Duke Magazine and aerosol work for paint brand Sabotaz.

In fitting with her productive nature One Month Stand is a completely new body of work, created over the last month, since her return to Auckland.

One Month Stand is Erin’s first solo exhibition in NZ since I can’t believe it’s not Rabbit in 2003. The exhibition promises to deliver an in depth view into Erin’s love affair with the misguided and restless youth of the city.

One Month Stand is a collection of black and white hand drawn illustrations and acrylic paintings in Erin’s signature precise and articulate style. One thing is certain this culmination of ideas and experience is set to captivate and charm the audience.”

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