The New Order magazine

Cover and masthead for the inaugural issue of The New Order Magazine

My role as the ‘Arts Editor’ for the first three issues of The New Order included coordinating a team of writers and photographers from around the globe. In addition to this I was responsible for organising launch parties and corresponding exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne and testing my writing skills for the first time.

Please click on the links below to view tear sheets of the various articles/interviews* I contributed to the first two issues.

*These were my first attempts at writing for print…be kind!

Ben Brown

Dan Colen

Ben Frost

Marilyn Minter

Perks and Mini (P.A.M)

Shannon Peel (DMOTE)

Stephen Powers (ESPO)

Andrew Schoultz

The New Order of Curators (short articles/interviews with Marcia Goldberg, Justin Giarla, Paul Jones and Aaron Rose [Aaron Rose written by James Bryce])

Josh Slater

Neville Wakefield

Jonathan Zawada

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