Don’t Panic

This was a poster for a monthly free gig guide distributed nation wide in Australia called ‘Don’t Panic’. When the drawings were all finished it seemed only logical to edit it into a short video.

Here is an interview with Don’t Panic from the time:

Don’t Panic caught up with Erin Forsyth, to get the 411 behind her artwork.

Erin what is your background?

Originally from Aukland New Zealand, I ran a shop there called ‘Creep’ where we sold aerosol paints and sneakers.

Have you had any artistic education?

I dropped out of Animation and Fine Art school and moved into street stuff in 1999 that taught me a lot! I learn from my friends everyday though without fail.

How would you describe your art?

A kiss on the cheek and a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Can you describe your process of creating a new piece?

I begin with an initial character and build from there to a social level (e.g. who the character is with, the what and why to the viewer). So the information you are given is usually the equivalent to what you might know if you randomly met someone by accident at a strange time in their lives and didn’t know anything else about them.

What inspires your aesthetic in the everyday life?

Hip-hop lyrics, 1960’s aestheticism, grey marle, bohemia, gypsies, the degenerate, the forgotten, the outcast, drifters, rooftops, alleys, the attic, under the stairs.

What do you love most about living in Sydney?

My friends and my village – Slurry Hills street team.

Any recurrent topics or matters you work on?

Undercurrents of faith and destruction and how these affect us.

What are you really excited about right now?

Leah’s Jellyfish, Thomas Jeppe’s work ethic, lingerie and

t-shirts, Richard Coleman, Steve Spacek, recipes, fast men, quiet at-home types, walking alone at night.

Work-wise, my solo show ‘HEX’ which opens at Black and Blue Gallery on Cleveland Street, Sydney on March 13th. Also Ariel’s group show ‘Because We Can’ coming up in April.

My sister Leah and I are working on a side project called the ‘Nautical Journals’ (see for updates)

What would you be doing if you were not an artist?

Sleeping? Maybe I’d be an author. A cross between Miranda July and Charles Bukowski.

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